How It Works

Below is "How it works" :

Step 1: Register with us

As soon as you register, you will receive an email from admin to activate your account. You need to go to your email account and activate the account.

Step 2: Place order

After registering you will be able to place orders. Copy and paste the url of the product you want to buy into the order screen. Provide quantity and alternate shipping address if applicable.

Step 3 Payment for the order

You will have different payment options. You will be able to pay directly to Munawala Express account through three different local banks.

Step 4 Processing the order will buy the product on your behalf and ship it to your desired address.

Prohibited Items List:

  • weapons and fireworks in all its forms.
  • All types of ammunition.
  • Human remains including ashes.
  • materials that can be used as weapons
  • Drugs of all kinds and alcoholic beverages.
  • Gold, Silver and precious materials.
  • All kind of chemicals
  • petroleum products
  • food and plants
  • live animals or stuffed
  • medicines.
  • materials for non-moral (sexual or non-sexual)
  • gaseous substances
  • Items that are considered illegal by Saudi or U.S authorities.
  • Flammable liquids.
  • Tobacco products and materials finished or raw.
  • liquid substances that may pose a risk
  • all kinds of precious materials such as metal alloys or precious gems and precious stones.
  • coins and currency notes.
  • works of art, precious
  • Radar Detector
  • Passports, I.D's.
  • All the unappropriate video games.
  • Radioactive Materials.