Who owns shioptoks.com?

Shiptoksa.com website is owned by Munawalah Express, a local Saudi company with a local office in Riyadh city. Mnawalah Express is licensed to do e-commerce business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

What are the advantages of "Buy for Me" service ?

1) You do not need to have a credit card and need not worry about credit card fraud.

2) No need to worry about the legitimacy of the website you want to buy from. We have the experience to verify that.

3) Product will be delivered to your door step.

4) Competitive shipping rates.

5) Fast shipping.

6) The ability to combine your orders in one shipment and thus save in shipping cost.

What shipping company you use?

We currently use FedEx service for shipments and his is the fastest shipping services available.

How long does it takes to deliver my orders from your office in America to my address in Saudi Arabia?

We ship all orders that weight no more than 5 pounds which usually take from 3 to 5 days. The shipments that are more than 5 pounds which takes from 3 to 5 days.

How long does it takes the arrival of my order from the seller to your warehouse in the U.S?

It depends on the shipping method used by the seller. However, it usually takes from 1-5 days.

What are the monthly and yearly fees you charge for your service?

We do not charge any monthly or yearly fees.

Does the cost of shipping includes the fees for customs?

Shipping cost does not include customs fees.

Can I return the item after I recieved it in case if there is a problem?

Yes you can. Please note that there is a $30 fee plus the Shipping cost to and from our warehouses in the United States.

How can I pay for my order and what payment methods are available?

Payment can be made to our accounts with AlRajhi Bank, Riyadh Bank or Al-Ahli Bank (NCB) by using one of the following methods:

A) Through ATM.

B) By Online Banking.

C) Through telephone banking.

D) Through the nearest branch of a local bank.

I do not have an account in any of the banks listed above, what should I do to pay for the value of the products?

You can transfer funds to our account with Al Rajhi Bank from any bank in the Kingdom using our Alrajhi IBAN Account number.

Do you accept cash payment?

We do not accept cash payment as of now.

Can I pay using my credit card or Paypal account?

Credit card companies deduct approximately 3% of the total amount in each transaction. Our goal is to save and pass this amount to our customers. We will evaluate whether credit card payment is convenient to some of our customers.

Can I combine my orders in one shipment?

Sure, you can collect your orders in one shipment if you choose "Buy for Me"
service. When your request more than one product in the order page, we will combine these orders in one shipment.

Do you repack shipments?

Yes, we do repack all shipments for free.

Can I insure my shipment?

Yes, you can. There is 2% insurance fee. You need to inform us in advance if you need to insure your shipments.